How to Make a Film With 3 Scenes

Published: 11.08.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017

Do you want to direct your own movie? What genre do you prefer – thriller, horror, romance, science fiction, adventure or historical? Do you like action, war, western, comedy or tragedy? It is for you to decide…

Go to Dvolver moviemaker, click on MovieMaker
and follow the directions given. her vises forsiden til nettsiden Dvolver moviemakerDvolver  


  1. Select background and sky. (Use the arrows to see all the options.)
  2. Select a plot.
  3. Select characters. (Use the arrows to see all the options.)
  4. Write the characters’ lines.
  5. Select background music and add a new scene. (Repeat step 1 to 5 two times.)
  6. Select the movie title and its design. Provide the director’s (your) name.
  7. Preview the movie and make revisions if you like.
  8. Send it to your e-mail account. You may also choose a recipient to whom you may dedicate your film.

Show the Films and Comment on Them

  1. Arrange show time in your class, and show the movies you have just directed.
  2. Discuss which genres and subgenres are represented. Which criteria did you use to settle the matter?
  3. How are the films organised in scenes? Do you find an introduction, main events and conclusion?
  4. What is the basic difference between a short story or novel and a movie?

Film Analysis

Pick one film and give a brief analysis of

  1. settings
  2. characters and characterisation
  3. plot and theme
  4. mood
  5. message
  6. conclusion