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Puppies for Sale

Published: 22.04.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017

Pre-reading: Do you have a pet?  Why do you think people have pets?

Puppies for sale

Puppy. Photo.Puppy 

Read the story Puppies for Sale and answer the questions.  


1.    What did the farmer need to sell?
2.    How did he advertise it?
3.    What did the little boy want?
4.    How much was the little boy able to pay?
5.    How many puppies were there altogether?
6.    Which puppy did he want to buy?
7.    Why did he want that particular puppy?


  1. How can this story inspire us?
  2. Why do you think a lot of experts recommend that people should have pets to keep sane?


  1. To the teacher: Hand out a slip of paper to each student on which he or she writes the name of an animal. Collect the slips and redistribute them.

    Next the students take turns describing the animal on their piece of paper without mentioning the actual name. The rest of the class guesses which animal is being described. He or she who collects the most slips has won.

    You may also divide the class into teams for this exercise.

    Useful words when describing an animal:
    Legs, wings, claws, paws, fur, tail, beak, colour, nose, ears, small, big, fast, slow, dangerous

  2. Take turns and mime different animals and let your group members guess which animal you are miming. You should only accept English names of animals.