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Applying for a Job - Resources

Published: 03.09.2009, Updated: 03.03.2017
Young, female Job Applicants. Photo.Job Applicant At least once in your life, you will need to apply for a job. You will need to write a job application and CV. You may need to write it in English as many Norwegian companies ask applicants to write in English. You may also be asked to come for an interview.

Below you will find links to our resources about applying for a job.

Making Job Enquiries Here you can practice making telphone enquiries about jobs.

A formal style is used when you apply for a job, request information or do business. A formal letter should be short, straightforward and polite.
How to Write a Formal Letter 

It is important to write the application and CV properly as it will be your employer’s first impression of you. There are some standard phrases which you should definitely use.
How to Write a Job Application
Example of Job Application - Vocational 

A CV contains information about your education and experience.
How to Write a CV
Example of CV - Vocational 

Advertisements for jobs in Norway are today often in English and you may be required to speak English at a job interview. Here you will find some tasks which will help you prepare for a job interview in English
Job Interview 

We tend to think of language as spoken and written words. Your body, however, also has its own language. Here we focus on the language of the body and how it shows your mood, attitudes and identity. It is an important aspect of a job interview and communication in the workplace.
Body Language 


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