What's It Gonna Be - Prison or Pardon?

Published: 08.08.2009

Watch the video below. Then do the discussion tasks.

What's It Gonna Be - Prison or Pardon? Discuss the situations below.

  1. They are willing to break the law to prevent the installation of oil drilling platforms outside the coast of Finnmark or in Alaska. The Parliament/Storting has voted in favour of building these installations.
  2. They are willing to burn and throw stones at cars and buildings to prevent leaders of the biggest industrial countries from gathering to discuss the world’s financial affairs.
  3. They occupy buildings that are not currently in use in urban areas. The owner wants them out, but they refuse to move.
  4. They hang around in parks, drinking and taking drugs while doing a little shoplifting.
  5. They rig elections (cheat with election results) to in order to ensure that a certain party comes to power. They just have to because they know they are morally right.

Final discussion: All of us agree that we want an orderly society. How do we achieve a lawful society - by introducing stricter laws and more surveillance, or by reducing the use of prisons and policing?

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