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Paintball Warriors

Published: 18.09.2009, Updated: 03.03.2017

What makes people shoot at each other voluntarily? What makes them shout like savages while attacking their friends? The answer is paintball bullets and lots of protective gear. In a country struggling with an obesity epidemic, paintball war games sounds like a good activity. It gets people off the couch and into the wilderness, but it may bring out a wildness inside us as well.

Some suggest that this activity is madness and that it produces potentially dangerous gunmen. With various school massacres freshly in mind, this is truly a grim thought. Then there are those who suggest that paintball war games is a safe way of letting off steam. Teens, overloaded with hormones, need this type of activity as an outlet for aggressiveness.

Anyway, have a look yourself. Watch this video from Skirmish Paintball.  Then do the following tasks.

Paintball Skirmish 


Tasks and Activities


  1. Some suggest that since our lives have become predictable and safe, we need to let the adrenalin and aggressiveness flow in new arenas? Discuss.
  2. Does this type of activity create future school massacres or does it help people deal with stress and dangerous tension? In other words:  does it help you let off steam and thus make you less of a danger to society or does it make you more violent and capable of shooting someone in real life?
  3. Would you take part in a paintball skirmish?



  1. Find out how much an American would have to pay to gear up for a paintball skirmish. Make a list of gear and approximate prices. may be a good place to start, but there are lots of other suppliers of equipment.
  2. Study variations in physical activity on this site: Physical Activity Statistics 
    Present your key findings. Pay attention to differences and trends.
    • Can you explain any of the variations?
    • How do you think it compares to Norway?