Teenage Issues

Published: 03.02.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017

Growing up is not easy. For some it's a challenging and creative process, for others it may be a gloomy affair. Teenage depression is an increasing problem all over the Western world. In some cases, it leads to harming oneself and even suicide. There are close to 30 million teenagers in the USA and 6 percent of them live with depression according to the latest surveys (U.S. Census). To look on the bright side - 94% are doing pretty OK. However, for those who struggle it can be totally devastating.

Watch this video and listen to the stories of a few American teenagers struggling with depression.
The Cries of a Teenage Soul  


What makes life tough for these young people? Make a list of issues as you watch the video.


How many American teenagers are struggling if 6 % out of 30 million teenagers face problems? Do the calculation in English.


  1. Do the issues that make life tough for these kids apply to Norwegian kids as well? Explain.
  2. Why do you think depression appears to strike harder in rich Western societies than in poor countries?
  3. Is there generally a lack of meaning and purpose to our lives in a modern society?
  4. Mention at least five good causes worth fighting (and living ) for?


Watch a YouTube presentation of REM's song 'Everybody Hurts'. What is the message of this song?

Writing a Summary

Read this article and write a summary of 200 words where you include background facts and what measures are being taken to fight teenage depression.

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