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Organising your thoughts: Making a Word-cloud

Published: 14.08.2018

Word cloud made with WordItOut

Word-Clouds are a fun way to organise your thoughts visually, so you can get an overview of the most important elements.

Before this task download Wordle to your computer. Make sure you have java installed to your computer in order to carry out the task. Tip: before you press 'create' in your wordle doc., save your cloud to ensure you don’t lose it.

To make your cloud:

Individual: Write down as many words as you can (max 30) of what comes into your mind when you think of schools in the UK (you may use paper or your computer).

Pair work: Once your list is complete, sit with a partner and compare your lists. One of you types each list into your wordle space, and press ‘create’. Write down ALL of the words on each list, even if you have written the same. (Before you press ‘create’, save your words to ensure you don’t lose them!)

You now have a word cloud. Play around with the fonts, colours, etc. to design your cloud to suit your taste. The biggest words will be the ones that you both used.

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