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Published: 04.06.2014, Updated: 05.03.2017
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"So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow", Carlos William Carlos wrote in his famous poem. I am not sure it is the "red" or the "depends" that made me think of assessment, because: So much depends upon assessment.

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Assessing students is a challenging and time-consuming task and as teachers we are always looking for new and improved ways to give our students feedback. In a busy classroom of 30 students it goes without saying that this is a demanding job.

Assessing our students means helping them on their learning journey, knowing where they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there. To do so, we need to give them formative and summative feedback. Thus we need to check progress and help them consider additional learning opportunities. However, in the end we have to assess their attainment and knowledge by awarding a grade.

We cannot do the assessments for you, but we would like to believe that this site will be of some help. We would also much appreciate feedback on our collection of ideas, sample texts and assessment rubrics as we are all learners.


Assessment Rubrics

Using rubrics when assessing students' work, may clarify what is actually being assessed and give the students and the teacher a common language to discuss the quality of the work. The students should of course be given the rubrics before solving the task so that they know what the teacher will be assessing. Assessment Rubrics 

Sample Argumentative Essays

When learning to write in different genres, studies show that students benefit enormously from studying sample texts. Thus reading sample texts to recognize the idiosyncratic traits of specific genres, could be a good strategy to improve text and writing competence. Sample Argumentative Essays 

Annotated Argumentative Essays

Assessing and commenting essays is definetly a challenge. How can we give feedback that will enhance the students' learning. The following two annotated essays might serve as examples.

Racial InequalityForfatter: Anne Mette Raanås, Eirin Birgitte Aagenes 

Illegal ImmigrationForfatter: Anne Mette Raanås, Juni Kim

Video Feedback

Jaspreet Gloppen has written about video feedback on her blog. She explains how to download and use a screen capture program and offers a sample of an essay that she has assessed using video feedback.

Video Feedback