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How to Write a Book Report; Pre-Writing Advice

Published: 02.09.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017
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A book report summarizes the contents and structure of a fictional or non-fictional book. Like any report it is objective, requiring facts and analysis. What makes it different from other reports is that teachers or instructors may require subjective opinions or impressions in the conclusion.

Pre-Writing Activities

Choose your book

If you have not been assigned a book, carefully choose one from fiction or non-fiction that interests you. Things to take into consideration could be the author and/or his or her nationality, the genre, specific themes, etc.

Research your book

A quick glance on online summaries may help you choose a book you would like to read.
As with any report, always write down your sources and URLs when collecting information. You may be asked to give some background about the author, the time the book was written in, or the genre.

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