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Indigenous People

Published: 04.06.2014, Updated: 05.03.2017
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Local Native Americans selling their arts and crafts

This is an outline of various ways to approach the following curricular themes in International English:

- Elaborate on and discuss various aspects of multicultural societies in the English-speaking world
- Reflect on how cultural differences and dissimilar value systems can affect communication

We have chosen to suggest an abundance of tasks in such a way that the learning/teaching may be relevant, varied and meet individual needs. The idea is that you'll get extensive and significant knowledge, even if you choose to skip some of the tasks.



Indigenous People

Estimates indicate that there are about 370 million indigenous people around the world. This is just an estimate, since the term "indigenous" is controversial.

InuitterInuit Boys


  • What do you associate with indigenous people?
  • Can you name any indigenous peoples?
  • Can you mention any cultural characteristics associated with the peoples you have listed?
  • Why do you think the definition of "indigenous" is so controversial?

Find Out

Here is one website describing how the term "indigenous" can be understood Indigenous People Fact Sheet. Look up this and other website definitions. Based on what you read, how does this affect your understanding of the term?

Make an Oral Presentation

  1. Based on the sources you have looked up, choose one indigenous group and find out about their distinctiveness when it comes to:
    • Pre-colonial period
    • Territory/natural resources
    • Socioeconomic conditions
    • Language and culture
    • Minority status
    • Emphasis on ancestry and continuity
  2. Below we have acknowledged a few issues that could be highlighted in relation to the indigenous group you have chosen to focus on. Use the resources listed below or search the web to explore more about your group concerning one of these issues:


a. Identity and self-identification
b. Relationship to majority

Maori WarriorMaori Warrior   


Stor og litenMajority vs. minority  


c. Injustice
d. Recognition


montage of protestors for indegenous rights. photo.Sorry Day  







e. Future
f. Languages




Aboriginal symbolsAboriginal Symbols

g. Myths and legends


Woman catching a bubble with a butterfly inside. Photo.Dreams