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Copyright and Creative Commons

Published: 25.03.2014, Updated: 05.03.2017
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What do copyright and creative commons mean for work which is published?

Watch this video by Common Craft (3.48min.) and learn about the rules for copyright and creative commons. Here you will find information about the different types of licenses for publishing your own work and for using work published by others.


You will find more information about creative commons licenses here.

Now try the tasks below to check if you have understood the licensing rules.


1. Match the symbol with the license.



2. Match the symbols with the licensing information.



3. Norwegian Copyright Law - Find Out

In Norway, how long is a work protected before it becomes free for anyone to use i.e. it is no longer protected by copyright? Norwegian Copyright Law 

4. Public Domain

What does it mean if a work is in the public domain? (If you are not sure check here)