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Actor in the UK

Published: 27.04.2015, Updated: 05.03.2017

Are you thinking of becoming an actor when you are finished at school? Would you consider working abroad in an English-speaking country after your training is completed? If so, the interview below will give you an idea of what it is like to work as an actor in England.

Actor Charlotte Frogner with make-upActor with make-up


Actor with maskActor with mask


Actor Mikkel GaupActor Mikkel Gaup   


Before listening, use the dictionary to check that you know the meaning of the following words: wardrobe, awkward, advertise, voice-over, visual effects, cartoons, location

Listen to the following interview with an actress in the UK and find out:

  • Where she works(what types of jobs)
  • Where about in the UK she works.
  • Why she chose this profession.
  • What type of tasks she has to do on a typical day at work.
  • What personal qualities she suggests are needed by an actor/actress.
  • Does she describe any work processes or services that she provides?
  • What she likes best and least about her job.
  • How she thinks this line of work will change in the future.
  • Where she sees herself in 5 - 10 years' time.

Actor - Interview  

Apprenticeship and Training

  1. Find out about becoming an actor in the UK. Make a table with 3 columns: What does the job involve, the salary and the qualifications and training required. Below, you will find some useful links.
  2. Now compare an actor's job and education in the UK with an actor's job and education in Norway. Utdanning - Yrkesbeskrivelse




After you have practised, add more dialogue for some of the following situations:


  • The actress is extremely busy, and she has to turn down the offer.
  • The actress is concerned about the time she will have to spend doing the video, as she is very busy.
  • The actress does not provide the services required for the job.
  • The actress is willing to accept the job, but it depends on the salary.