Vocabulary 1

Published: 20.03.2013, Updated: 25.07.2013

1 Occupations

What do we call a person who -

  1. obtains coal from the ground
  2. sells newspapers and magazines
  3. writes for a newspaper
  4. operates on sick people
  5. sells fish
  6. cuts people's hair
  7. carries luggage
  8. sells tools and metal goods
  9. works with concrete and bricklaying
  10. sells flowers


1) a coal miner, 2) a newsagent, 3) a reporter or journalist, 4) a surgeon, 5) a fishmonger, 6) a hairdresser, 7) a porter, 8) an ironmonger, 9) a mason, 10) a florist



2 Locations

What do we call the location where -

  1. surgical operations are performed
  2. horses can go within a fence
  3. you go to have your car repaired
  4. you go to find a taxi
  5. can marry if you don't do it in a church
  6. can go to live as a monk or a nun
  7. the river meets the sea
  8. you can play golf
  9. in a house you find a washing machine, freezer etc
  10. you reach the top of the stairs

1) an operating theatre, 2) a paddock 3) a garage 4) a taxi rank, 5) a registry office, 6) a monastery or convent, 7) an esturary, 8) a golf course, 9) a utility room 10) the landing



3 Positions

What do we call a person who -

  1. is a top leader of a big company
  2. attacks and scores goals in a football match
  3. follows the tennis players to see that they play by the rules
  4. runs a big kitchen e.g. in a hotel
  5. was a servant for upper class people in the past, and whose job was to serve food, open doors etc.
  6. is leading a committee or a board
  7. in the past accompanied a young woman in public to see that she behaved decently
  8. see to it that the footballplayers play by the rules
  9. was the most important male servant for upper class people in the old days
  10. writes reviews on books or films in a magazine

1) a managing director, 2) a striker, 3) an umpire, 4) a chef, 5) a footman, 6) a chairman, 7) a chaperone, 8) a referee, 9) a butler, 10) a critic