Project: Who Are the British?

Published: 21.02.2013, Updated: 05.03.2017
The United Kingdom – Map

What does it mean to be British? What is it like to live in Britain? What is currently going on in British society?

The aim of this project is to gain an insight into British society today. We often have a stereotype impression of people from other countries: Norwegians are fantastic skiers, tall and blond, rich, naive, eat "kjøttkaker", dislike the EU, etc. You probably all have an idea of what you perceive as typically British, for example, football, politeness, the royal family, talking about the weather, the Beatles, fish and chips, proud of their history, etc. Do these give a true picture of the British and Britain today?

An English BreakfastAn English Breakfast

Street with irish pub in britain. Photo.Multicultural Britain 

Castle from middel ages. Foto.Historical Britain 


Soccer at WembleySoccer at Wembley

I Love ScotlandI Love Scotland

Before you start working with the project, you might want to listen to this interview with Sue. Sue is from Australia, but has lived in England for almost 20 years. In this interview she explains what she finds typically British. (Time 9:33)

What I love About England

Getting Started

In groups of 3-4, find out as much as you can "to capture the essence of the British today" Save your information, and note all the sources you use. Prepare the manuscript for your presentation. (GoogleDocs is a possible tool for writing in collaboration).

Here are some examples of topics you may want to consider:

  • Who are the British? (regions, population, immigrants, ethnic groups, class, cultures, identity, history, stereotypes)
  • Social problems and crime (knife crimes, alcohol & drug abuse, teenage pregnancy)
  • British food (traditional, minority cultures, Jamie Oliver)
  • Football (loyalty, commercialism, hooliganism)
  • Current Issues (What's in the News?)



Decide on how you would like to present your work. You can:

  • Write and act a dramatic scene
  • Play the role of participants in a debate
  • Present your findings and views on the subject as a news presentation
  • ?

You can also make small film clips, radio shows etc, but at least half of your presentation has to be “live.”

The presentation should last about 10-15 minutes per group.

Make sure you know the assessment criteria.

Assessment Criteria


You .....

  • know relevant and significant facts
  • can analyse and interpret information
  • show an understanding of British society
  • use and list several sources (critically)
Structure & presentation
  • have a clear structure that is coherent
  • have an audience-friendly presentation
  • can present a topic without reading from a manuscript
  • show engagement when presenting
  • use a varied, idiomatic and precise vocabulary
  • use correct grammar
  • have a good pronunciation and intonation
  • speak with fluency, using your own words



Useful Resources

The UK - an Introduction
Who are the British?
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British Food
Project Britain (link)

You will find more resources listed in the menu called Culture and Society, UK and Ireland, on our webpages.