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Social Media - Our Resources

Published: 05.12.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017

Here you will find a variety of resources about social media and related issues intended for use in secondary education.

  1. Social Media - Introduction This is an article that focuses on the fact that social arenas are also public arenas to a great extent and thus the users have to devolop an awareness as to what is proper, polite and wise. There are many tasks in the relate menu.
  2. Facebook Will Corrupt Your Language This article discusses the following: Is it ok just to be understood or should there be some rules that will regulate the language we use to communicate?
  3. Can the World be Saved on Facebook? Here we discuss Facebook as an important factor in a worldwide change towards democracy and respect for human rights.
  4. Twitter Revolution The text focuses on the same topic as the one above.
  5. Growing Up with Social Media This is an article which focuses on social media awareness, much the same as in text number one. However, this is shorter and easier to understand.
  6. How Social Networks Helped Me This text refers to actual situations where social networks turned out to be very helpful. There are also discussion tasks here.