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Football Resources - Overview

Published: 29.11.2012, Updated: 17.07.2013

Here you will find a list of our resources related to UK football.


Football, also known as soccer, is an extremely popular sport in countries all over the world.You probably know a lot about football (maybe you play it yourself), but do you know how and where it all started? Here you will find out a little about its history and about British football teams.

Here are tasks and activities, where you can talk, write and research football:

Football Jargon

Try these quizzes and test your football knowledge.

English Football Quiz 1English Football Quiz 2

Football Hooliganism

Hooliganism, unruly and destructive behaviour, is today often associated with football and primarily English football. Read about hooligans and hooliganism and discuss the contrast to the politeness usually associated with the British.

After reading the text about football, check how much you remember about football in the UK.