Work Placement Stories

Published: 13.11.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017

This is an exercise in creative writing for vocational students, based on their experiences from work placement.

Hairdresser ApprenticeHairdresser Apprentice  

Mechanics at work on racing carMechanics at work on racing car

All vocational students have periods of work placement in factories, businesses, institutions, etc. Be creative and make a story with your work placement experiences as a background.

  1. Form groups of 3
  2. Open a cooperative writing document at samskrive.ndla.no.
  3. Relate the text to your experiences from your work placement, but you are free to use your imagination.
  4. One person starts the story with one sentence, the next one continues and so on.
  5. Each group reads aloud their story to the class.
  6. Make a competition to see which group uses the most work-related expressions/words.