Subject Material

London Resources - Overview

Published: 13.11.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017

Here you will find a list of resources related to London.

  1. London (article)
    Here you can find some facts about London's history and development and also listen to a London taxi driver talking about London and the Cockney dialect.
  2. The Faces of London (audio clips)
    Enjoy the many faces of London portrayed in these audio files. Download one of the free audio tours from Brick Lane, Brixton, Camden, The King's Road or Soho.
  3. London - Vocabulary Training
    The exercises are based on photos taken in London. The main underlying purpose is to expand your vocabulary, but also to extend your knowledge about London itself, British history and important people, famous sights and a bit about the entertainment industry which is huge in London.
  4. London - Online Activities and Worksheets for English Learners
    Learn more about London with these online activities and worksheets.

Extra Material

Growing Up in London Learn a little of what it is like to grow up in London from an interview with two boys who live and go to school there. In addition, a BBC news video tells you about teenagers who have been caught up in violence on London streets.

London Knife Crime Londoners have been shocked by a number of brutal knife killings of young people by young people. In the video clip you will see participants in a debate discuss this worrying development.

London - William Blake
The poet, William Blake (1757-1827), was born and bred in London. His poem "London" reflects his concern for the victims of the Industrial Revolution.