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Published: 17.06.2013, Updated: 04.03.2017

Here you will find various resources revolving around the topics gangs and crime. The resources are intended for use in upper secondary education.

Bridgeport Stop CrimeBridgeport Stop Crime


Suggestion: Have your students choose one topic related to crime and make a presentation with a follow-up debate in class. Here are guides on how to make presentations:  


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  1. Gangs - Safety in Numbers? This is an article discussing how to define a gang and why people join them.
  2. Gang Crime in St. Paul Young people in St Paul, USA, are interviewed about whether gangs are a big problem or not.
  3. Crime in a Changing Society Bridgeport, Connecticut, is a coastal city with a population of nearly 140,000, lying at the center of a large urban area. In this article you will learn some facts about the decline of traditional industries and the social challenges that follow in its wake.
  4. London Knife Crime Londoners have been shocked by a number of brutal knife killings of young people by young people. In the following video clip you will see participants in a debate discuss this worrying development.
    Tasks: discussions, letter to the editor, research and more
  5. What's It Gonna Be - Prison or Pardon? This is a discussion task. You are presented with various situations where some people might argue that breaking the law is the only decent thing to do. There is an introductory video.
  6. How Do We Reduce Crime? This is a video commentary from a young Canadian where he shares his opinions about crime and punishment.
    Tasks: discussions, research, writing.
  7. Human Trafficking This is an article about modern slavery. It deals especially with sexual exploitation of children in Asia.To give a wider perspective, it is related to a historic text from the 19th century slave trade in Africa and also linked to a contemporary CNN resource.