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Meet a Concierge

Published: 14.11.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017
Times Square, New York City, USA

Would you like to work as a concierge? If you listen to this interview recorded at a hotel at Times Square, you will get an idea about what a concierge is and what he/she does.

Listen to the interview once.

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty 

Rockefeller CenterRockefeller Center 

Sightseeing in New YorkSightseeing in New York 

Subway SignSubway Sign

Concierge in New York

Ann at workAnn at work After listening to the interview, note down words that you do not know (do not worry about the spelling). Then, look up the listed words below, and see how many words correspond with the words that you did not know.

  • needs=behov
  • desires=ønsker/ønske
  • transfer=transfer
  • budget=budsjett
  • permission=tillatelse/løyve
  • excessive=for mye/for mykje
  • work hours=arbeidstimer/arbeidstimar
  • challenging=utfordrende/utfordrande
  • bilingual=tospråklig/tospråkleg
  • trilingual=trespråklig/trespråkleg
  • venue=sted/stad
  • real estate broker=eiendomsmegler/eigedomsmeklar
  • rose petals=kronblad på roser
  • employer=arbeidsgiver/arbeidsgivar
  • communication skills =kommunikasjonsferdigheter/kommunikasjonsferdigheitar
  • attitude=holdning/haldning
  • consistent=utholdende/uthaldande
  • block=kvartal
  • hour cuts=timekutt
  • language barriers=språkhindringer/språkhindringar
  • income=inntekt



After listening to the interview, imagine that you are Ann’s colleague working at Milford Hotel at Times Square, New York. You may listen to the interview once again to get specific details.

In pairs prepare the following topics:

  • The main tasks of a concierge
  • A guest asks you how he gets to the Statue of Liberty and information about the site (use a map)
  • A guest wants to propose to his girlfriend at Rockefeller Center, give him advice and explain how he gets to the site (use a map)
  • Qualifications needed to become a concierge
  • Challenges you meet as a concierge
  • Attitudes needed as a concierge
  • Work policy (working hours, vacations, shifts)

Present in class.


You’ve been asked to write a portrait of Ann. Use background information from the interview and see if you know how she comments on the topics listed below.

  • Working hours
  • Vacation
  • Communication skills
  • Excessive work hours
  • Usual/unusual questions
  • Language skills
  • Google
  • Qualifications
  • Attitudes
  • Staff policy
  • Economy




You are a concierge at Milford Hotel and have been asked to prepare a Valentine arrangement for a group of young people coming in. The group leader has asked you to make a plan for your arrangements where you include some text and a few pictures. Make the presentation.


After working with these activities, you should be familiar with the words in the interactive task. Click on the correct answers.

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Suggested Further Activity

If you want to know more about a concierge's work, check out this website Concierge.