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Mental Health

Published: 16.09.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017

Have you seen any films or read any books or stories where the characters have struggled with mental disorders? What kind of mental disorders did the characters have and how did these disorders influence the characters’ lives?

Mental Disorders

Despair. Photo.Despair 

Even though many suffer from mental disorders, it is a topic that is not widely talked about, and has almost become taboo in our society.

We like to share a lot of information about ourselves, for example on the Internet in various blogs and in online communities such as Facebook. The paradox is that we often do not tell others when we are having a hard time or are facing difficulties.

Demands and Requirements

Despair. Photo.Title: Despair - "In a room with a window in the corner, I found truth" 

Today’s society is very demanding. Working life is becoming harder. In order to keep their jobs, people have to work hard and long hours. Consequently, people experience that they have less time for their families and leisure time activities.These factors can affect a person’s mental health. Children and young people are also at risk. They are constantly met with demands as to clothing and behaviour. Many young people struggle to find themselves and to fit in with their peers. Some even feel isolated and lonely. Without a doubt, this may affect young people’s mental health.




People who experience mental disorders often feel that they are the only ones facing such problems. However, almost all of us find ourselves in such situations at some time in our lives. Maybe we all could cope better with these situations if we shared our experiences?