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Driving in Norway

Published: 11.10.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017
Donna Diesel

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has produced a brochure in which Donna Diesel explains about Norwegian driving rules and driving conditions for foreign drivers.

Truck on snowy highwayTruck on snowy highway Trucker's Guide to Driving in Norway.  Look at page six in the brochure and find out:

  • the reason for the brochure
  • who is Donna Diesel
  • what is special about driving in Norway
  • the 5 things that foreign drivers need to remember


Here is some useful vocabulary. Can you match the English and Norwegian words?

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Telephone Conversation

  1. Below are Donna Diesel's tips for meeting winter road conditions. Look up the words you don't know in our dictionary.
  2. You are a foreign truck driver who will be driving in Norway and you would like information about what documents and equipment you need. You are going to make a telephone call to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to find out. Make 5 questions based on Donna Diesel's tips, e.g. What documents do I need? Why do I need ...........
    Work in pairs, one is the foreign driver and one is the Norwegian Public Roads' employee. Start the conversation like this:
    Driver: Good morning, my name is ........
    Employee: Good morning, how can I help you?
Bring your driving licence
Bring your passport
Bring your European Health Insurance Card
Bring your commercial driving licence
Bring warm clothing and footwear
Bring food and something hot to drink
Bring along a shovel
Bring along an ice scraper
Snow chains
Alcohol in the braking system
Tow chain
Wheel chocks
Full tank of fuel


Writing and Spelling

Try and fill in the glossary correctly. You can start with the English words and translate into Norwegian and then try from Norwegian to English.
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