Task: Vocation situation

Making Instructions for a Job

Published: 20.09.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017

Have you ever had to explain to an English-speaking person about your job in the workshop and the tools you use? If not yet, it is very likely that you will have to sometime in the future. Making instructions for a job you have done in your workshop is a good exercise to practice for this kind of situation.

Worker in a Mechanical WorkshopWorker in a Mechanical Workshop 

  1. MyTask - Click icon to open task!MyTask - Click icon to open task! In a mechanical workshop you perform a lot of work operations and handle a lot of tools. By
  2. doing this vocabulary test, you will get to know words and expressions that will prove useful in making your instructions.  
  3. Think of a certain job you perform in the workshop. You will have to come up with verbs to describe this operation. Here are some verbs that might be useful. The list is in Norwegian, though, so you will have to translate them (use our dictionary):
    pusse, slipe, skjære, bore, feste, høvle, bearbeide, dreie, sveise, måle
  4. Now, watch this animation about how to make instructions. After watching, sum up what is important to remember when making instructions?
    Image showing the thumbnail for content named \"Instructions\"Instructions
  5. By means of the words and expressions you have now acquired and the instructions animation, make your own step by step instructions for one job you have done in the workshop.
  6. Ask a partner to read through your instructions and tell you if they understand how to do the job.



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