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Studying For A Purpose

Published: 11.09.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017
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In this interview you will get to know Tony, who is a student on a Masters programme at a university in Edinburgh. His aim is to gain qualifications in order to help people with special needs, and even though this is not a field which promises a high income, he feels this is the right path for him to pursue. Tony tells about values that are an important part of his life, and that his studies are for a purpose.
As a young person, you are about to choose an education and a career. Listen to the interview. How do your thoughts/attitudes compare with Tony's?

Pre-listening Activities

Tony from EdinburghTony from Edinburgh
Fotograf: Morten Serkland
MyTask - Click icon to open task!MyTask - Click icon to open task!
Forfatter: Amendor

  1. Before you listen to the interview, you should try the vocabulary test above.
  2. Here Tony is photographed with one of Scotland's most controversial buildings in the background. Do you recognise this building? Why is it controversial?

Interview with Tony
Forfatter: Morten Serkland


  1. After listening to the interview you should understand the following terms and be able to use them in their right contexts.

    tutor, conventional, placement, charity, feedback, interaction, to empower, community education, marginalised minorities, youth and adult, social change, youth work, access to industry, drug abusers, different pathways in work

  2. There are a lot of online personality and career tests. In most cases, though, you have to pay to take the test. Here is a link to a free career test. Do the free part of the test, and sum up the results in a short survey.Career Test

Questions to the Test

  1. Did you find the questions relevant?
  2. Was it difficult to answer honestly?
  3. Is there anything that surprised you in the results?
  4. What was most useful for you?
  5. Why could tests like these be helpful for people when choosing a career/education?
  6. What is your inner motivation for choosing a career?
  7. Have you made up your mind already, or do you need some more counseling before choosing? If yes, what kind of counseling would you prefer?
  8. Tony has chosen a career based on idealism. Would you do the same? Give reasons for your choice.


Make writing assignments in your class about choices of education and careers. Collect all the suggestions and vote for the three most interesting assignments. Write one of these.

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