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Poetry in Touch with Life

A Brief Guide to the Menu

Published: 29.08.2012

In a way reading poetry is like sky diving or bungee jumping. Jumping off a plane or a high bridge certainly takes some guts – putting one’s trust in a length of rubber band or some strings attached to a piece of fabric. But once you let yourself go, you may be in for the kick of a lifetime. In the same way poetry may present you with a challenge to start with, but if you give it a chance it may offer you a ride into a different dimension where you may see things in a new perspective.

On this menu we will present poems that in some way are closely connected to real-life incidents and recognisable situations. We aim to demonstrate how poetry can be relevant and “in touch with life”, whether it is about human relations, emotions, ethical dilemmas, political issues or social and environmental conditions.
In addition to the poem, there will be a brief biographical note about the poet, a bit of the story behind the poem, and some tasks or issues for you to consider.