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Conflict (Easy Novel Guide)


If stories were without conflicts or tension, we would be easily bored. The conflict is usually the heart of the story and revolves around the main character. What does Harry struggle with? The main conflict is Harry’s attempt to stop Voldemort, the murderer of his parents, from stealing the Philosopher’s Stone. So, it is a classical fight between good and evil forces. We also note that the world of the wizards clashes with the world of the Muggles, where the Muggles are represented by the stupid Dursleys. These are outer conflicts threatening Harry. However, there are also conflicts going on inside Harry; like, should he:

  • Revenge the murder of his parents?
  • Live by the wizard rules and obligations?
  • Punish the Dursleys for treating him so badly?
  • Boast of his skills and abilities?
  • Be loyal to his friends?
Useful words

revolve around = dreie seg rundt/dreie seg kring
attempt = forsøk
revenge = hevn/hemn
rules = regler/reglar
obligations = plikter/pliktar
boast = skryte
skills = ferdigheter/ferdigheitar
abilities = evner

  • Conflicts are important to stories to make them interesting.
  • There may be outer and inner conflicts.