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Northern Ireland Resources - Overview

Here you will find a list of our resources related to Northern Ireland.

An Introduction to Northern Ireland A brief introduction to the smallest country in the UK.

A Closer Look at Northern Ireland About some of the cities and places in Northern Ireland.


Flags and Symbols in Northern Ireland What flags symbolise and why there is a controversy over which flags should be flown in Northern Ireland.

The Troubles A description of the complicated conflict between the Catholics and Protestants in Northeren Ireland.

The Orange and the Green The folk song "The Orange and The Green" explains the meaning of these colours in N. Ireland and what it means to grow up in a family with a mixed cultural background.

In the Name of the Father (film) In 1974, during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, a pub in Guildford, England, was bombed without warning. Several people were killed, and the British were desperate to track down the guilty persons. They found four young people who were put on trial and imprisoned. More than a decade later it was proved that the police had caught the wrong persons.

For Further Study

Walls of Shame – Belfast (video + tasks) A presentation and discussion of the walls which have been erected in Belfast in N. Ireland to separate Catholic and Protestant neighbourhoods.

Walls of Shame, Part 2 (video + tasks) Here you can study the second video about the divided society in Belfast. This one is about protest.

Easy Texts

Northern Ireland - Text in Brief

The Troubles, Texts in Brief - Overview