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The Queen's English and Anyone's English

Published: 10.08.2011, Updated: 04.03.2017
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How do you understand the concept "A Global Language"?
Why is English called a Global Language?

Global English

"A language becomes a global language because of the power of the people who speak it."  According to David Crystal, why has English become a global language. Do you agree?


Which English?

David Crystal argues that it is important that students are exposed to varieties of English. Do you agree with him? Why/Why not? 


Should English Be Taught as a Global Language?

David Crystal explains why he encourages teaching a variety of English - Global English, or International English if you like. Explain how this may relate to the course you are taking in International English. Why does he divide language learning into "production" and comprehension? Do you share his views? Why/Why not?


21 Accents

Amy Walker is telling you her name, her age and where she is from in 21 different accents. Her exaggeration makes it easier to decide where she is supposed to be from. Decide on five different accents and explain what is typical of them.


Little Bee/The Other Hand

Listen to an excerpt from the first chapter of the novel Little Bee/The Other Hand by Chris Cleave. Little Bee arrived Essex from Nigeria and she has spent two years in an immigration detention center. Here she has learned English from books and newspapers. She explains why it is so important that she learns the Queen's English. Explain her arguments. What is your opinion?


If you want to read the complete first chapter, it is available here The Other Hand